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Politics of Cookies

What are cookies?

These are small files sent by the websites we visit and stored in the terminal equipment that we use for web browsing. Cookies may contain various types of information about the user of the website and the history of his communications with the page. Typically used to automatic recognition of the user by the server so that it can generate dedicated for him, individually suited page.

Politics of cookie managing

The website makes usage of cookie files in the browser to enable some functionalities. When surfing on our website, you can accept to install these cookies on your browser. Our cookies are set on your computer for 7 days. To remove them, you can follow the procedures explained below. Important: Blocking all cookies from may cause difficulties in the operation or completely disable the use of certain features of our website.

Control and removal of cookies

Each user can change the way the cookies are used by their browser (block, delete). Most web browsers offer the chance to accept or decline cookies, accept only some, or even prompt the user each time when the website is trying to save them. Management of cookies, may differ depending on the browser used.

For more information on how to manage your cookie files for each browser, please use the links below:



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