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Mining and Climate intelligence

From IoT to Satellite Imagery to offline data collection, AUYAN brings you all the tools you need to monitor Earth climate and safeguard its biodiversity.

Environmental Monitoring

Water Quality

Track and assess water contamination downstream of the mining activities, offering a comprehensive understanding of environmental impact and ensuring prompt interventions.

faleme river senegal


Track and assess the progress of mine site revegetation, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of environmental rehabilitation efforts.

revegetation of mined area

True AI-Powered Remote Sensing


Rely on years of research embedded into our AI-powered remote sensing solutions to monitor mining activities.

cloud shadow faleme-mask

Contaminated Rivers

river contaminated by mining clouds

Cloud Management

Compare with historical data

faleme river 2016

January 2016

The Falémé river in Senegal back in 2016 with its once pristine water.

faleme river 2020

January 2020

Initial signs of water contamination due to mining activities.

faleme river 2023

January 2023

The highly contaminated river is now the source of numerous environmental and health challenge.


One Workspace.

Every team.

We are more than a remote sensing platform. We help you share data cross your different teams and organizations while ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

Stay Alert

Automatically extracted from satellite imagery or in situ sensors, track metrics and receive alerts when undesired events occur!

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