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AUYAN Wins the INNEAUV Call for Solutions

 AUYAN Wins the INNEAUV Call for Solutions

The AUYAN Team | 23/05/2024

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We are delighted to share that AUYAN has been named the winner of the INNEAUV call for solutions, organized by the BRGM and the IGN. This recognition highlights our commitment to technological innovation and our dedication to solving the environmental challenges posed by mining activities.

INNEAUV: A Catalyst for Innovation in Water Conservation

The INNEAUV call for innovative solutions, jointly launched by the IGN and BRGM, represents an opportunity to promote novel initiatives aimed at addressing major water challenges. Protecting water resources, improving knowledge and access to information, and managing and preventing water-related risks are crucial missions during this period of ecological transition.

Accelerating Our Project in French Guiana with the Support of IGN and BRGM

Now supported by the IGN and BRGM, we are eager to accelerate the development of our project to monitor water resource contamination in French Guiana. This collaboration will allow us to intensify our efforts to support the activities of public services in French Guiana in their mission to preserve the region’s water resources.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

As an INNEAUV laureate, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are determined to use this opportunity to advance and implement concrete solutions that will contribute to the preservation of French Guiana’s natural resources and the protection of its unique ecosystem.

Being named an INNEAUV laureate is a significant recognition of our work at AUYAN. This marks the beginning of accelerated innovation and progress for our company, and we look forward to collaborating with our partners to shape a more sustainable future for our planet.

Exporting Our Expertise Worldwide

Although carried out in French Guiana, our R&D efforts will directly benefit all our clients. Indeed, the expertise and technologies developed through this project will be deployed globally to help address similar environmental challenges faced by many regions around the world.



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