Data Fusion for climate and biodiversity

From IoT to Satellite Imagery to offline data collection, Auyan brings you all the tools you need to monitor Earth climate and safeguard its biodiversity .


Shaping a Sustainable World

At Auyan, we're not just monitoring environmental data; we're shaping a sustainable world. Our advanced technology empowers industries, governments, and communities to make informed decisions, protect natural resources, and safeguard our planet's future. Together, we're creating a positive impact, one data point at a time.

Stay alert

Automatically extracted from satellite imagery or in situ sensors, tracking metrics and receive alerts when undesired events occur!

Cloud Detection Mask

True AI-Powered Earth Observation

Reuse our custom made algorithms with state-of-the-art results in your pipelines and save time developping your solutions.


One Workspace.

Every team.

We are more than an Earth Observation platform. We help you share data cross your different teams and organizations while ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.


Actionable Insights

Auyan's platform is your gateway to a wealth of actionable insights. We don't just inundate you with data; we deliver a clear roadmap for decision-making. Our analytics sifts through the complexities, distilling information into practical, real-time guidance. Whether it's optimizing operations, ensuring compliance, or protecting the environment, our platform empowers you to act confidently and swiftly, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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